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Lunch At Buel Street Bistro
15 May 2012

The Buel Street Bistro in Brockville was the venue for our monthly luncheon meeting on May 15, 2012.
During this event, President Bob Kraus presented special service awards to several members of the Division.

Ardie & Bill Rowan, Fran Kraus,
Pete and Faye Pedersen, Claudette MacKinnon

Jim MacKinnon, Bob Leduc, Jim Miller

Bob and Charlene King, Stephen Heaton and Ghislaine Hastie

John Francis, Betty Gough

Lloyd Dunham, Dick and Judy Dickins,
Gene and Bev Montgomery

Gary Coulter, Peggy and Betty Gough

Faye Pedersen and Ardie Rowan

Fran Kraus and Murielle Neville

Faye Pedersen

Claudette MacKinnon

Bev Miller

Dave Sandey

Bev Montgomery

Ardie Rowen and Frances Wiseman

Jim and Claudette MacKinnon

Richard Lee

Gary Coulter receiving Past President's Medallion

Ghislaine Hastie receiving 25 year Service Bar

John Francis receiving 15 year Service Bar

Bill Rowan receiving 15 year Service Bar

Dick Dickins receiving 10 year Service Bar

Bob King receiving 15 year Service Bar

Betty Gough

Bob Leduc

Time to pay the bill and go home

John Francis, Dick Dickins