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Breakfast Gathering
15 February 2014
Junction Restaurant
Seeleys Bay

Attendance: 13 members, 15 associate and 2 guest.

Oppening: Bryan (President) welcomed everyone, with an extended welcome to Joan Miller.

Anniversary: We had one couple take advantage of the cold weather of February as a reason to cuddle by getting married many years ago - congradulations Bob and Fran Kraus on their anniversary.

Birthday: Pete Pedersen has a birthday in February - One of our Octogenarians

Grace: Padre John Robertson gave grace, as the food was about to be served.


Jack and June Hickman


Fran Day and John Robertson


Brad Sumner and Maureen Powers, John and Carol Tait


Fran Kraus talking to Tom Petch and Betty Gough


The Group


Bob and Fran Kraus, Happy Anniversary!


President Bryan presenting Joan Miller with her Life Member and Service Bar


Robert Elston, Pete Pedersen, Joan Miller, Richard and Judy Dickins and Faye Pedersen