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Dedication of Walsh Plaque

Brockville 2014-10-28

Dedication by the City of Brockville, Ontario of a Historical Plaque Honouring Major James M Walsh, NWMP

On October 28, 2014, members of the Kingston Region Division, RCMP Veterans’ Association joined representatives of the Brockville City Council and the Brockville City Council to dedicate a commemorative plaque recognizing the late Major James M. Walsh as a “Notable Brockvillian.”

Major Walsh was an original member of the NWMP, and participated in the famous “Great March West.” Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan bears his name. He is particularly well known for his relationship with the Sioux chief Sitting Bull, who, with 5000 of his followers, entered Canada following the defeat of General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It is said that this relationship ensured that the stay in Canada of this powerful group of aboriginals remained peaceful.

Following his discharge from the Force, Walsh settled with his wife in Brockville, where he became a successful businessman. His grave is located in the Old Protestant Cemetery in Brockville, and contains a footstone bearing the iinsignia of the NWMP.

The erection of this plaque was made possible through a significant monetary contribution by Inspector Robert M. Kraus (RCMP Ret’d) and Mrs Kraus, and their children.