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Lighting of the RCMP Veterans' Memorial Flame
Parliament Hill and Beechwood Cemetery
23 September 2017

Your Past President and Webmaster, Bryan Neville, was asked to participate in a truly historic event, the lighting of the RCMP Veterans' Memorial Flame.
I thought I would share this because of its historic significance and also because a number of our Kingston members have a spot reserved for them at Beechwood.

The torch was lit from the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill and handed off from one to another as part of the march relay.
I was one of the members receiving and passing on the torch.
At the end, the torch was handed off to runners who relayed it to Beechwood Cemetery.
A ceremony was held at Beechwood where the torch was used to light the RCMP Veterans' Memorial Flame.

Here are a few photos of this memorable event.

Bryan with Al Rivard, National President arriving by bus on Parliament Hill.
Al and I were both Instructors in Depot in 1975 - 1978

Bryan with Gaston Desormeaux, Montreal Division.
Gaston and I met a number of times over the years at AGM's.

The RCMP Pipes and Drums Band

Bryan and Alex Geddes, National Secretary
Alex and I have been working together over the past years on the old National Web Site and the new Member Data Base



Suzanne Sarault, Ottawa Division did an excellent job as the Master of Ceremony



Lighting the Torch from the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill
House of Commons Sgt. at Arms, retired member, Pat McDonnell did the honour



Receiving the Torch from Suzanne Sarault
My 10 seconds of fame with the flame



Walking to the next post with the Torch



Passing the Torch to Bob Mahar, President of the CSIS Pillar Society, Ottawa



The Torch arrives at the Memorial Tablets listing all Canadian Police Officers who lost their lives on duty



National President Al Rivard and Ottawa City Police member Terry Welsh laid the wreath
Michel Pelletier of Ottawa Division and Sgt at Arms Pat McDonnell doing the salute

The Memorial Tablets with Ottawa Division chaplain Pierre Belanger in the foreground

A closer view of the Memorial Tablets listing all Canadian Police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty

At the RCMP section of Beechwood Cemetery
There is a flag on each side of the monument, both at half mast

A huge tent to keep us out of the sun during ceremonies



Bill Irwin, Ottawa Division and Liz Akehurst with Bryan Neville

A view looking towards the RCMP Memorial Tablet with two members of the Musical Ride in the background

The RCMP Pipes and Drums Band

The two flags at the monument were raised at the start of the ceremony
Jack Briscoe, Ottawa Division is raising this one

Bryan and Murielle Neville with Bev and Gene Montgomery



Lori Spofford and her daughter Wendy

Dignitaries laid wreaths at the RCMP Memorial Monument honouring members of the RCMP that have died on duty

The center column is the Memorial Flame
The left column is to recognize RCMP Members that have served overseas
The right column, was Dedicated by Troop Four - 1982, to honour the women with whom we trained, served and the women who will follow our footsteps