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Vets Christmas Party
3 December 2017
Gananoque Legion


60 vets, spouses and friends gathered at the Legion for a great meal and lots of fun


Richard collecting money for the meal
Murielle getting people to sign the book and giving cards for the gift game
Jim collecting dues



All the gifts ready for the "Steal The Gift" game.



A Christmas Elf gift for everyone
Handmade by Peter Pedersen, Bryan and Murielle Neville.
Marlene Rockburne and Judy Dickins



Judy and Richard Dickins

Bryan and Murielle Neville




Laurel and Gary MacKay



Gail and John Minicola


Bob and Charlene King, Ghislaine Hastie



Stephen Heaton, Ken Sinclair



Marlene and Ed Rockburne



Hilda and Jack MacLaughlan



Dave and Joan Sandey



Bob Kraus, Glenn MacPhail



Jim MacKinnon, Jeanne Perry



John Robertson, June Hickman, Konnie Kope, Bev and Gene Montgomery



Betty Gough, Gary Coulter, Sandra Gibson



Christina and John Lenihan, Corbet and Susan Vasbinder



Peter Kope, Frances and Ed Wiseman



Aggie and Earl Dickson



Konnie Kope's Mother, Adel



Karen Bockus, Ron LaMarsh



Ron and Bev Miller



Peter and Faye Pedersen



The new Executive for 2018 - 2019
Bryan Neville - Webmaster, Jim Miller - Treasurer,
Richard Dickins - Director East and Data Base Manager,
Betty Gough - Secretary, Bob Kraus - President, John Tait - Vice President,
Peter Kope - Advocate, John Robertson - Chaplain
Wes Rideout - Past President - Missing Earl McClare, Director West



President Wes presents June Hickman with a gift as part of the
Recognition of Widows project

Some of our Octogenarians



Chaplain John Robertson and President Wes Rideout.
A gift from a parishioner of St. George’s Cathedral, Kingston, a banner,
handmade by Lynda KIRCKHOFF for Canada’s 150.



President Wes gives a gift to both
Social Director Judy Dickins and Secretary Murielle Neville
for all the work they did over the past two years.



The winning group of singers



Bryan, Karen and Judy
What's so funny?


A group photo