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15 August 2018 - Corn Boil
Hosted by Gary and Laurel McKay
On beautiful Bob's Lake

Many thanks to our hosts for a wonderful day


Gary and Laurel's home with new glass railings



Marlene Rockburne on the veranda and on the ground, the bags of corn just waiting for us



Bob's Lake



On the veranda, relaxing before the corn is cooked
Jeanne Perry, Jim MacKinnon, Sharon Sinclair,
Joan Sandey, Sandra Preston, Betty Gough, Lori Spofford



Plenty of munchies for all
Jeanne Perry, the back of Karen Bockus, John and Gail Minicola, Ken Sinclair,
Ron LaMarsh, Sharon Sinclair and Jim McKinnon




Enjoying the day!




Joan and Dave Sandey (back to us), Jeanne Perry and Jim MacKinnon,
Sandra and Brian Preston, Ron Miller, Ed Rockburne
With two strangers on the bench behind them



The strangers were Gary McKay and Richard Dickins
Enjoying the view of Bob's Lake and solving the problems of the world



Brad Sumner and Maureen Powers, Ed Rockburne, Ron Miller, Brian Preston,
Bev Miller, Joan Sandey, Jim McKinnon and others enjoying their corn



Lori Spofford, Faye Pedersen, June Hickman, Fran Kraus,
Murielle Neville, Sharon Sinclair, Judy Dickins (back to us)



Dave Sandey, Richard Dickins, Wes Rideout, Bob Kraus, John Minicola, Peter Pedersen
Busy husking the corn



Gil and Maureen Gilmore, Gary McKay



Dave Holand, Jack MacLaughlan, Betty Gough, Hilda MacLaughlan
and others enjoying a snack



Ed Rockburne, John and Gail Minicola, Wes and Karen Rideout, Ken Sinclair



Betty Gough, Hilda MacLaughan, Tim Gray (Hilda's son-in-law)