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2018 Vets Christmas Dinner

2 December - Gananoque Legion

A large group enjoying a delicious meal, fun games and great company.



Richard and Judy Dickins



Ghislaine Hastie and Stephen Heaton



Peter and Faye Pedersen



Murielle and Bryan Neville



Gail and John Minicola



Frank and Betty Harvey

Pat and Rick Drew

Ron and Bev Miller

Kym and Bob Elston

Frances and Ed Wiseman

Brian and Sandra Preston

Earl and Aggie Dickson

Gary Coulter and Sandra Gibson

Gene and Bev Montgomery

Dave and Joan Sandey

Betty Gough and John Robertson

Carol and John Tait

Fran Day and June Hickman

Fran and Bob Kraus

Dave and Nancy Holland

Jim MacKinnon and Jeanne Perry

Marlene and Ed Rockburne

Gary and Laurel McKay

Ken and Sharon Sinclair

Ron LaMarsh and Karen Bockus

Susan and Corbet Vasbinder

Peter and Konnie Kope

Donna Wilson and Jim Miller

Karen and Wes Rideout

John and Christina Lenihan

Fran explaining the Flower game

Our Chapain Archdeacon John Robertson saying grace

Our 2018 Octogenarian Photo