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To all members of the RCMP Veterans' Association

Dear Members, RCMP Veterans' Association:

As a result of a statement made on July 27, 2017, by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls at the Meeting of the Assembly of First Nations being held in Regina, Saskatchewan, I have now written to the Director of Communications of the National Inquiry seeking more information about issues of "police misconduct" and the "forensic team reviewing police files."

I will advise members of any response I receive from the National Inquiry.

I very much appreciate how many of you must feel as our past conduct as investigators in these matters is being, by public figures and in the media, called into question and criticized as incompetent or denigrated as being racist or discriminatory, without any opportunity to speak out, set the record straight or even be accorded a fair hearing.

The three goals of the National Inquiry according to their website are:

1. Finding the truth
2. Honouring the truth
3. Giving life to the truth as a path to healing

Rest assured that the RCMP Veterans' Association is fully committed to those goals too. The undistorted truth can only be fully told through the involvement and memory of those of you who were investigators and police officers and know what the truth is. Should it become necessary for us to speak out and be heard in this regard, we will.

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Al Rivard